Hydraulic Filtration Rental

Is your fluid milky or cloudy?  Are your hydraulic components failing and filter elements clogging?

Advanced Fluid Systems now offers four different filtration systems for rental.  The Hy-Pro FCL portable filter card is ideal for removing particulates while trasfering fluid or cleaning you fluid in the reservoir similar to a kidney loop.  The V1, V10 and V20 Hy-Pro VAC-U-DRY dehydrator is an economical and safe way to remove free and dissolved water, gases and particulate from your hydraulic fluid, thus extending the life of your fluid and reducing component costs and downtime.

Hy-Pro Filter Rental Unit Specifications

hydraulic filtration rental

Filtration Rental F.A.Q

Can the VAC-U-DRY (“V”) units be used on lubrication fluids?  Yes.  Hy-Pro vaccum dehydrators are effective with most non-water based hydraulic, lubrication and transformer fluids.  We will verify that your fluid type and viscosity is suitable prior to your rental.

Can I use the filtration system on multiple systems during the rental period?  Yes.  All of our filtration rentals are mounted on wheels for portability.  If you are filtering different oil types, all of the elements must be replaced.

How is the rental period calculated?  The rental period begins the day after the unit leaves our facility and ends the day we receive it back.

Can I purchase my rental unit?  Most rental units are available for purchase at a significant discount.  Ask us for additional information.

Water Removal:

100% Free
90%+ Dissolved
(20 ppm / .0020%)

Air and Gas Removal:

100% Free
90%+ Dissolved

Particulate Removal:

ISO 14/12/9
2.5µ @ ß1000
(20 ppm / .0020%)

Worry-Free Operation:

Dual condensate water tanks with automatic drain standard for 24 x 7 unattended operation.

Easy Setup:

Automatic electric phase reversal; programmable thermostat; and smart relays with controlled start-up and shut down routines.

Free Support:

On-site setup and start-up support is included free of charge on rentals in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

  • Extend Fluid and Component Life.
  • Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs.
  • Help Prevent Acidity and Lube oil Varnish.
Model: FCL V1 V10 V20
Hy-Pro FCL Hy-Pro vacuum dehydrator V1 Hy-Pro vacuum dehydrator V10 Hy-Pro vacuum dehydrator V20
Reservoir Volume 1 : Up to 200 Gal. 2 Up to 300 Gal. 100 to 4000 Gal. 100 to 6000 Gal.
Flow Rate : 11.2 GPM .5 to 1.8 GPM 2 to 10 GPM 5 to 20 GPM
Water Removal: Free Water w/special element 100% Free, 90% Dissolved (20ppm) 100% Free, 90% Dissolved (20ppm) 100% Free, 90% Dissolved (20ppm)
Air / Gas Removal: None 100% Free, 90% Dissolved 100% Free, 90% Dissolved 100% Free, 90% Dissolved
Particulate Removal 3 : 1 Micron
Absolute Standard
1 Micron
Absolute Standard
6 Micron
Absolute Standard
6 Micron
Absolute Standard
Seal Material 4 : Viton Viton Viton Viton
Electrical: 120VAC, 60Hz 120VAC, 60Hz 460VAC, 3P, 60Hz 460VAC, 3P, 60Hz
Weight (crated): 175 Lbs. 425 Lbs. 1,900 Lbs. 2,100 Lbs.
Dimensions (in): 57L x 21W x 19H 48L x 28W x 32H 56L x 32W x 60H 72L x 36W x 60H
1 Reservoir volme is recommended for tiemly cleaning.
2 The Hy-Pro V1 VAC-U-DRY is not recommended for larger fluid volumes that are less than 140° F.
3 Micron sizes are based on a Beta (β) ratio of 200. Beta ration 1000 values are available.
4 An Advanced Fluid Systems’ representative will contact you regarding your fluid type, viscocity and operating conditions.

For current pricing information please download our
Hydraulic Filtration Rental Flyer (.pdf, 280KB)

Fluid Vacuum Dehydrator Rental Information Request

For additional Hy-Pro VAC-U-DRY rental information, including pricing and terms, please fill out the request form below or contact us at 1-800-220-1013.  Please provide as much information as possible regarding your application and fluid.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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