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Hydraulic Proportional and Servo Valve Repair

Advanced Fluid Systems' proportional and servo valve repair is a cost effective option to buying a new valve and repairs are performed in a fraction of the time it takes to receive a new valve.  Our dedicated hydraulic valve test stand allows us to service, test and set your proportional valve to your applications exact settings. 

Hydraulic Repair Capabilities

hydraulic valve repairOur dedicated hydraulic servo and proportional valve test stand quickly tests and calibrates your valves on-board electronics.Hydraulic proportional and servo valves are precision tools that rely on exact tolerances, real-time feedback and proper calibration for your application.  Advanced Fluid Systems repair department has the equipment and experience to quickly repair and calibrate your hydraulic valves.  Capabilities include:

Free, no obligation evaluation and quotation. (Some exclusions apply).

    Moog valve repair distributorMoog hydraulic valveAdvanced Fluid Systems, Inc is the factory authorized Moog valve repair distributor from Maryland through Maine (excluding parts of upstate NY and western PA).
  • Dedicated servo valve test room with oscilloscope and feedback software that allows us to calibrate and test valves with and without on-board electronics (OBE).
  • Calibration software allows us to save your valves settings and profile for future reference.  We can even setup your new valves before we ship them so you don't have to set them yourself.
  • Advanced Fluid Systems is the only authorized Moog valve repair distributor (including Atchley and Pegasus Moog Valves) for the Mid-Atlantic and New England region.  Note: Moog does not sell parts for their hydraulic servo valves.  All service work is performed by Moog's service department in East Aurora, NY.
  • All hydraulic test stands are maintained to 14/13/11 ISO fluid cleanliness.
  • All valve repairs are tested to the manufacturers specifications and calibrated per your request.
  • Contact us for expedite and quick delivery options.